Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wide Awake

2:30 a.m.
Sometimes I just feel like letting the dog do his business on the bedroom floor and suffer the consequences in the morning. For me, the consequences would be a repulsive gag reflex and an angry shot of stain remover. For him, it would be a rolled up magazine across the butt and a few minutes outside on the cold porch.
But, I know better. I don't live in a barn...although at this ungodly hour it might prove to be more convenient.
So, I pull on a sweater, head to the back door with a dancing-pee-pee-dog at my heels, and am greeted with a gust of winter chill. It's dark outside and quiet. December is beginning to live up to her name.
After he sniffs on every sniffable surface and wets three times, my inconsiderate dog beats me back to bed where he lays on top of all the blankets like some kind of royalty. I manage to squeeze in and claim a corner of the flannel sheet before my eyes fixate permanently in an open position.

2:45 a.m.
256x25+54-673-59+14=OMG...size 12, shoe size not known...UPS...post office... Pinterest.. thirsty... feet cold...darn dog!.. should I polish my toenails?...gotta pay that...she's such a cute baby...miss my girls...crescent rolls...banking...chili had a lot of fiber!...teeth whitening...Downton Abbey...need to apply hand cream...wish he would move his elbow...trash has to go out later...where was I?...Facebook status...photos... cookies...donuts... no, no, rice cakes!...sit-ups...

3.00 a.m.
I'm thinking that I should just get up. Put on a pot of coffee and stare at the Christmas tree. But that will make for a loooooooong day. So I snuggle deeper, flip my pillow to the cold side and decide this is a perfect time to pray. No distractions, no excuses. Just me and God and all the things I want to ask Him for and thank Him for and discuss with Him.
I may not always get the sleep I always want, but I've been blessed with everything I need. God has given me beautiful, healthy children and grandchildren, a warm home, a wonderful husband, food on the table, an awesome family and good friends. What more is there?

Oh, yeah. A silly little dog.

3:30 a.m.
I yawn. Float off into a dream.
And the night continues....

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  1. hahaah, sounds like me at l am i was down in the kitchen eating cookies an milk, but went to bed at l0:30 //i decided to redo the kitchen, buy a new rug for hall, went thru my grocery list for tomorrow/ wrapped a present just right for soomeone special/ figured id buy my dear freind who is going thru heck now a nice gift, coughed, rolled over, sit up, got a charley horse so around 2:30 i think sandman showed up, not sure,,,,,,,,, so much for no sleeping.... barbara