Friday, December 28, 2012

Resolutions and A Fond Farewell

I've had a lot of "down time" lately. My husband is still laid off, the weather is cold, and napping in the middle of the afternoon feels pretty darn good.
Except for one fact. I am bored.
And boredom has made me realize how much time I've been wasting.
I never considered myself the nosey type, but I keep going back to Facebook all day long to see what everyone is doing. I Google silly things like "rustic coffee tables", "fat free sugar cookies", and "how many miles to the Grand Canyon".
I eat things I shouldn't eat, dream of things I'll never have, and find myself sleeping in past eight o'clock.
I've started enjoying John Wayne movies, reality shows about hillbillies, and Judge Judy.
I wear the same sweat pants for three days in a row, refuse to blow dry my hair, and my arm pits haven't seen a stick of deodorant since Christmas.

It's time for changes. Seriously.
And I've come to the conclusion that there's no need to wait until New Years.
The time is now.

I know that I recently started this blog, but, folks, I'm going to close it up soon. I love to write, but the comments (or rather, the lack of) causes me to question my abilities as a writer. And when that happens, I just don't write. And when I don't write, I get sad.
I don't expect any of you to understand those ramblings...but let's just say that I'm disappearing for awhile.
My daughter says, "But you'll lose your followers!" I love every one of you, for sure. But that shouldn't be the reason I blog.
Oh, I'm still going to write, but not for anyone's eyes but my own. In fact, I plan to write every single day. A book of sorts. Titled:  Lucky 13 365 Days of Blessings. (The number 13 of course is symbolic of the new year 2013.)
I am also giving up Facebook. I will keep my account just so my kids can share their photos with me, but they will have to let me know when they've posted. I won't sit on there all day waiting for something to pop up. Like I do now...
I've seen just about enough cute kitties and Please Like for a prize, and Obama, guns, free books and twinkling icons. :(
When I'm not writing, I hope to be creating. Painting gourds or experimenting with quilting or taking photographs of things that make me smile.
Life is short.
I'm ashamed that I've wasted the past few months (a year, maybe?) like I have. When I'm on my death bed someday, I'll wish I had all this time back- just to live longer. But there is no getting it back. Ever.

I realize that I've probably said all these things before. I'm notorious for starting things and never finishing them.
But my heart is full of good intentions and I must follow it.
Even if it means stumbling along the way.
Even if it means there will be days when words are scarce, when my creative energy is weakened, or times that I, simply put, fail miserably.

Life was not meant to be wasted. It is meant to be nurtured, embraced, breathed into your lungs till it saturates your spirit. Till happiness and hope permeates your soul... till you are proud of who you are and what you've done and where you're going.

Good luck to you all - friends, family, strangers. May your new year be full of promise.

Farewell to you.
I will be somewhere counting my blessings... and trying my best to spend my days wisely.

Love to you all!


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  2. Thank you, Gail! I have often wished I had your address- just to send a little card or note to you. I appreciate it and I will write. Please do the same :)
    I am so glad that you also understand the FB thing.I feel so sad and used up after spending all day sifting through junk posts to find those that touch my heart. I got by without FB for many, many years- and I can again!
    I hate that you are sad about being away from your friends. I kind of have that fear when we move to the cabin. Will I like being away from the things that are familiar to me now? Will the kids ever visit? Will I be bored and depressed?
    I guess one will never know unless they are willing to spread their wings and take a chance...
    Hugs to you, sweet friend! Be watching the mail soon! And thanks again for your kind words...

  3. Thank you Rae..loads of love back to you. Gail

  4. well, i for one will miss you so much Rae. You have inspired me so much, but i agree FB disappoints me too, when i see things going on around my life that does not include me, it is sad sometimes,,,,,,, and i too waste alot of precious time here............. but i will miss your blog so much, and i will miss saying hi to you............... always love ya.. Barb Lipe

  5. We will miss you ,from Anita M. Thompson---and I don't blame you at all,have thought about signing
    off myself several times.

  6. Thanks to you all! Of course it's a weaning And I may post some of my writing on FB occasionally when I feel especially inspired. Happy New Year Barb and Anita!

  7. Dearest, dearest Rae....
    How hysterical is this????...I just logged on on Blogspot and thought I would renew my blog and was slapped in the face that I had forgotten that my last posting was August 25, 2011~!! Geez, that is the epitome of procrastination~!! I haven't been on facebook, only to check the notices from "Days of our Lives" and read your words...I have not commented or "liked" anything anywhere since May 12, 2012 simply because some of the people, (so-called friends) always would make SURE that I replied to their greetings...Well, some days ya' just don't wanna say much, you know?...(Of course you do~!)....I remember when the blogging bug was part of me and WRITING and journaling is STILL a part of me..Like you said, you can write and write and write for others, but in satisfaction it is for OURSELVES in a way because we must satisfy ourselves before we post the words...(((sigh))) (((double sigh)))...I remember that this last couple of weeks I scanned over ALL of the IDEAS that I had as creativity...I said to myself that I would just dig my heels in and DO IT~!! So far, (Jan 4)...I just begun to get the blog bug as you are closing up shop~!!! HOWEVER...I shall know that your pen will be busy alongside mine and all of your friends....Sheesh~!! I will probably adopt your GREAT idea and initiative of posting upon FB now and again...just to see what transpires....BUT, dear writer/poetess extroadenaire (sp)~!!! Onward and upward~!! My priceless gourd from you is proof that your work with gourds will TRIUMPH~!! Hey!!! Stay the dear, dear friend that inspires and puts up with my whining~!! LOL....And, oh yes.....You created a monster within me with working with the homeless and Seniors...Now involved with Dignity Village in Portland, helpin' to scrap up some supplies for them....I will SHUT UP now...and I "hear" a pic calling me from one of my 300 LOVE YA' , RAE~!!!!

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  9. So disappointed that I just found you only to discover that you have signed off. I will just have to amuse myself by reading some of your archived posts, I guess. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are hysterical. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter into what can often be a not-so-nice world. My daughter and I stumbled onto one of your older blogs when we goggled "shark sleeping bag". They were all sold out everywhere, but it led us to you, so it wasn't a complete loss. I hope someday you choose to come back and share your gift with the rest of us. :) Blessings to you

  10. Thank you so much Cyndi! I have several blogs which you can find under my profile in the right column! Comments like yours are much appreciated and help inspire me to continue. Blessings and hugs to you!

  11. I just found your blog and I couldn't have said it better! I have felt the same, about time wasting on FB and the Internet in general. A great place to visit if you don't get lost in it :( Like right this minute, I was looking at some gourd bird feeders and found your site. BTW your work is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-0-S!!!!!!! It has been over an hour since I sat down to do all this and here I still am. Promised the dogs some time to run in the snow and have a page long list of things I need to do. Anyway you have inspired me to get off my A$$ and do something productive. And I'm not signing in to Facebook until I absolutely have to (when that is, I don't know! ha!) Good luck with your writing and your art, I just know you will feel so much better when it all falls into place! thanks again for the inspiration!